Hot deals Top 5 homes cheaper than renting (St. George edition) -OCT 2022 Click here for the top 5 properties cheaper than your rent in St. George area.    
Hot deals 5 Homes cheaper than your rent: OCT 2022   CLICK HERE FOR FREE PDF ON 5 HOMES CHEAPER THAN YOUR RENT: Top 5 homes cheaper than your rent: October 2022, Utah County By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, 5 Utah County Properties cheaper than your rent:
Hot deals October 2022: Top 5 Starter home deals! Click here for the full PDF buyers Guide: Oct. 2022   Top 5 house-hacking deals a first time homeowner could score: October 2022, Utah County By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, How to buy your first home? While interest rates are hitting levels not seen in years, borrowing rates have finally cooled an […]
Hot deals Top 5 house-hacking deals Sept. 2022 Top 5 house-hacking deals for September: Utah County 2022 PDF Click here for your free PDF house hacking deals guide: By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, What is house hacking? With rising interest rates and high prices, buying is unaffordable for many would-be home buyers. “House-hacking” is when a buyer finds a way […]
Hot deals September Buyer’s Guide: Top 5 starter home deals in Utah County Download our free PDF buyers guide for the top 5 best deals in Utah County for a starter home in Sept. 2022. Top 5 deals for a starter home, Utah County September 2022: By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, AJ only earns money from seller commissions so buyers can reap the benefits of […]
Hot deals Summer Market Report: Wait it out or grab a low price deal at a(relatively) higher rate? As August drew to a close, Utah’s real estate market saw prices retract a bit more as inventory grew and the average days on market lengthened a bit. Interest rates once again appear to be back on the rise after the latest FED meeting but home prices are STILL about 15% higher than last year […]
August 2022 30 year Interest rates hit sub 4.5% to close last week! Hot dang! Just as the housing economy was seemingly at it’s knees, Mortgage lenders reported that on Friday well qualified buyers had the chance to lock in a 4.375 for a 30 year fixed mortgage. Yesterday (Monday) rates hopped back up to 4.6 on the federal job report. Some experts predict mortgage rates will trend downwards towards […]
Hot deals ERA Market Report Utah, SL, and Washington Counties Check out our market report for June 2022. Home sales have cooled year-over-year but home prices are still up 27% since this time last year.  AJ is a licensed real estate agent in the state Utah and works with ERA Brokers Consolidated. He is BYU graduate and also works in Utah public schools as a […]
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Hot deals Could you still get a sub 3% mortgage in 2022? Exploring Assumable loans. The housing market has finally cooled off after big interest rate hikes priced out many buyers. This shift in the market has given the remaining buyers more power to negotiate, ask for concessions, conduct thorough inspections and choose from a growing inventory of real estate. But with interest rates double the rate seen just 1 […]
Hot deals Yes, There are still some crazy deals in the housing market right now! In recent weeks, we’ve seen interest rates skyrocket, home prices slashed, crypto market caps smashed and belts tightened with threats of recession looming. In the turbulent times, where do you put your money as an investor? I argue that the golden nugget is still real estate. The Value of Real Assets: As opposed to stocks, […]
Hot deals Utah’s Housing market crashing in 2022? Think again. After a crazy 2 years of bidding wars and outrageous prices in the real estate market, rising interest rates have choked the speed and tenacity of the market. The Fed anticipate at least two more interest hikes before the end of the year so will we see the housing market crash? We will see a […]
Real Estate Tips 3 Things you should be doing right now to build credit A Slam Dunk Real Estate Deal When I was 24 years old, I had a significant downpayment and a 3 bed, 2 bath condo picked out in Provo, UT, at the slick price of $129,000. Seeing that price now, just 6 years ago, seems too good to be true. I found some friends willing to […]