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Hot deals Top 5 homes cheaper than renting (St. George edition) -OCT 2022 Click here for the top 5 properties cheaper than your rent in St. George area.    
Hot deals 5 Homes cheaper than your rent: OCT 2022   CLICK HERE FOR FREE PDF ON 5 HOMES CHEAPER THAN YOUR RENT: Top 5 homes cheaper than your rent: October 2022, Utah County By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, 5 Utah County Properties cheaper than your rent:
Hot deals October 2022: Top 5 Starter home deals! Click here for the full PDF buyers Guide: Oct. 2022   Top 5 house-hacking deals a first time homeowner could score: October 2022, Utah County By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, How to buy your first home? While interest rates are hitting levels not seen in years, borrowing rates have finally cooled an […]
Hot deals Top 5 house-hacking deals Sept. 2022 Top 5 house-hacking deals for September: Utah County 2022 PDF Click here for your free PDF house hacking deals guide: By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, What is house hacking? With rising interest rates and high prices, buying is unaffordable for many would-be home buyers. “House-hacking” is when a buyer finds a way […]
Hot deals September Buyer’s Guide: Top 5 starter home deals in Utah County Download our free PDF buyers guide for the top 5 best deals in Utah County for a starter home in Sept. 2022. Top 5 deals for a starter home, Utah County September 2022: By AJ Griffin, Realtor, 435-619-3465, ERA Brokers, AJ only earns money from seller commissions so buyers can reap the benefits of […]
Hot deals Summer Market Report: Wait it out or grab a low price deal at a(relatively) higher rate? As August drew to a close, Utah’s real estate market saw prices retract a bit more as inventory grew and the average days on market lengthened a bit. Interest rates once again appear to be back on the rise after the latest FED meeting but home prices are STILL about 15% higher than last year […]
August 2022 30 year Interest rates hit sub 4.5% to close last week! Hot dang! Just as the housing economy was seemingly at it’s knees, Mortgage lenders reported that on Friday well qualified buyers had the chance to lock in a 4.375 for a 30 year fixed mortgage. Yesterday (Monday) rates hopped back up to 4.6 on the federal job report. Some experts predict mortgage rates will trend downwards towards […]
Hot deals ERA Market Report Utah, SL, and Washington Counties Check out our market report for June 2022. Home sales have cooled year-over-year but home prices are still up 27% since this time last year.  AJ is a licensed real estate agent in the state Utah and works with ERA Brokers Consolidated. He is BYU graduate and also works in Utah public schools as a […]
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